Q1 . Are your dried treat products imported from China & India?
No. All products are sourced from Australian Export Quality Abattoirs and produced locally in Australia.
Q2.  Do your products contain harmful chemicals or preservatives?
There are no artificial preservatives, additives or colours added to our treats.
Q3. Are your products good for all dogs?
Generally we have not become aware of any problems from our customers, but this is an individual answer pertinent to each dog and their owner, based on different tastes and dislikes. Also if your dog has a health issues or allergies, it is best to check with your vet if you want to introduce a new treat to your dog if you are not sure.
I understand that too much liver is not good for Dalmatians, but other than that, not aware of harmful side effects with any customers pets as a result of consuming our products.
Q4.  Can SupaSnax treats be used as a meal?
It is not recommended that any treats be given as a meal, they are exactly that, a treat, so like humans everything in moderation.
While our treats are completely natural and the healthy alternative to dog biscuits and manufactured processed lines, our products should be used for treat and reward for being obedient, following instruction and showing the right behaviours, and of course, just because we love them.  
Always give them lots of fresh water as well.
Q5.  How do I store SupaSnax Treats?
Best in an airtight container, stored in a cool dry place ie at room temperature.  These products are naturally dried, not cooked, so if they get moist , they will soften and go back to their raw texture and could go mouldy should they sweat or be subject to temperature fluctuation.
Product can also be frozen to extend the life of the product.
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Doggy tips !

What treats are best for training?

SupaSnax Shaved liver is the best for training as the trainer can break off small pieces so the dog does not get too full and non responsive. The liver gives off a very strong smell and is very effective for training.

I have a big dog, which treats will last?

We suggest, Pig Ears, Roo Jerky, Pig Snouts, Roo Lumbar & Roo Tendons.

Which treats can I use instead of a dental chew to clean the dogs teeth?

We suggest our Roo Tendons & Roo Jerky.

I have a puppy and senior dog ? Which treats would be suitable ?

Senior Dog: We suggest the puffs, shaved liver & Roo Chews

Puppies: We suggest Chunky Liver, Roo Chews, Shaved Liver (for training ) & Roo Jerky Straps.

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