About our products

Vital SupaSnax products are a safer, healthier and a more rewarding form of treats for your dog's health.
SupaSnax Treats are high in protein and low in fat. Completely 100% free of  artificial additives , preservatives  and colours and not to mention all Australian made from locally sourced products.
Vital SupaSnax products are air dried to perfection and perfectly safe for all dogs. Our products are air dried in temperature controlled rooms, never heated above 60 degrees, meaning there is no breakdown in protein and loss of nutritional value.  


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  • Diesel

    "Thank god for VSS ! We were really struggling finding treats that would last Diesel until we came across VSS. They have a amazing range of treats that are suitable for all sizes, ages and breeds."
  • Buster

    "Buster is in love with his treats !! Thanks to VSS we were able to quickly train Buster into a friendly and adorable family dog."
  • Pixie

    "Pixie has loved her treats since day 1. She loves her treats so much she waits at the cubboard every afternoon when she knows its treat time!"
  • Dobby

    "Dobby is one of our fur babies and is obsessed with chicken & fish jerky ! "
  • Chumpy

    "Chumpy being a pug loves all things food! His favourite is beef and lamb puffs"

Supa Dogs !